11 September 2004

Time to get the hell out of dodge

Nobody really knows where hurricane Ivan is going to hit. Whatever the case, we'll probably feel some of the effects here. I and a cow-orker are contemplating getting out of Florida for the weekend through to early next week and heading to somewhere like... ooh New York. A few reasons for this:

1) It's far enough up North that the hurricane couldn't hit us there.
2) It would be cheaper flying North than West (so we've been told), also taking into account the considerable costs in getting a ticket at such short notice.
3) It's New York.
4) Due to the emergency situation, the company will pay for all costs (within reason - it may turn out that New York is too far - or too wishful thinking).
5) The Sheraton that I was going to shack up in for the weekend has recently had an influx of what I would call 'questionable' people. Ok, they're here to fix up things that have been damaged from the previous hurricane and their company has provided them with accommodation. Normally it wouldn't worry me at all. There are, however, over 100 of them. They will be locked down like the rest of us in the hotel for the whole weekend and they'll probably have copious supplies of alcohol (hell, we did for the last one). Yes it's cliched and you may think I'm being pretentious, but I don't give a shit what anyone else thinks at the moment. I'm not going to take the risk of being in the same hotel with them. They're snorting and belching already and I feel like I've already been sized up. I just wouldn't feel safe staying there.
6) The other choice of course is my apartment here, but if a hurricane did hit I am on the top floor and on the corner. That's practically one of the most exposed apartments possible. Plus, there is no backup power here.

So, I'm in for another interesting weekend. I'm curious to see how this one pans out.

P.S. Oh and Mum, don't worry :-)

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