23 September 2004

Settle down dude

Whoa! I'm in a sleep deprived state of mind at the moment. Another hurricane is heading this way (apparently), which I don't really give a damn about anymore. A group of women in their mid thirties are in the aisle next to my cube giggling about what singles bars are good. I'm trying to listen in but I'm just so spaced out at the moment I can't really understand what they're saying. I've been advised that taking Melatonin for a couple of weeks could help me out a little with this sleep problem. Oh God, they're getting really loud now. A guy has joined the group. I bet he thinks he's the bomb. Hats off buddy, and whatever.

Last night could have been a good night of sleep... if not for the guy who was up at 7am using a BLOODY CHAINSAW! I tell you what, bugger the Texas chainsaw massacre - there would have been one in Florida if he kept it up. Then there was the annoying 'tap tap tap' of hammers after that, like that drip drip drip into the sink of a leaking tap that you can never really bother to go stop but which keeps you up for hours.

Hmmm, I glanced over at my previous post. I was a bit angry yesterday...

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