27 September 2004

Another weekend, another hurricane

I'm completely and utterly exhausted. God knows how I'd be if I actually *lived* here. It seems that just about every weekend a damn hurricane hits Florida and it's back to the bunker. What ever happened with hurricanes hitting *during* the week?

Hats off to the Power for winning the grand final on the weekend. I know a few bogans who would be pleased with the result. I was actually watching it live with a few Aussie mates in an English pub on Friday night. We were trying to explain the rules to a few other American people in the pub. They thought it was pretty cool how free flowing the game was and how there was a bit of biffo every now and then. I hear that there was just as big a celebration in Adelaide as when the Crows won a few years back so that is good. I saw little Johnny in the crowd at one point and said "look, there's our PM!" The Americans couldn't pick him out - he sorta blended in with the crowd. One thing I couldn't explain to the Americans there was the pre-game entertainment. I know the people who organised this were probably taking the piss out of footy, but I found it hard to explain the following to the Americans in the bar: a bunch of gay-looking guys wearing AFL uniforms; a slew of Human Nature wannabes (c'mon guys, aim higher than that); Kath and Kim; and of course Guy Sebastian.

I actually went to see a baseball game last week, and that was pretty cool. It was the Marlins vs the Phillies and the Marlins went down 2-4. I nearly got the opportunity to catch one of the balls that the outfielders threw into the crowd. It landed a couple of rows in front of mine. I've got some pictures from it that I took with my camera so I'll have to get my butt into gear and post them. It wasn't a packed stadium but it was still a great atmosphere and I could see how people would get hooked on it.

I've fallen in love... with my camera. I've been pretty much non-stop taking pictures with it and annoying the heck out of a lot of people. I love the fact that I can turn it on and instantly take a picture. When I press the damn shutter release button, a picture gets taken, just like a film SLR. I don't have to wait and completely miss the shot. There's nothing really to look at yet picture-wise coz they're all test pictures with varying apertures and exposure times and so forth. I have decided though that I do need a zoom lens however, and the Nikon 80-200mm f/2.8D ED AF Zoom-Nikkor fits the bill perfectly I think. I've seen it advertised for 1/2 the price these days, thank God. But of course, this is one of those 'lofty dream' things I always have. Give me some time and I'll probably settle for something more reasonable... or I might not. Heh. I need to take some photography lessons at some point too. I've found this site to be quite handy for photography stuff so far.

Ok, got a farewell lunch to go to. Check yaaaaa.

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