20 September 2004

No Internet

Heck, what a weekend. I've got a bit of a headache today (very unusual for me to get one unless I'm listening to an annoying person) and I actually didn't do much to cause it... honestly. The good thing is that I did receive most of my stuff on Friday. Yes, I finally have a digital camera! Problem is I didn't receive a memory card in the time frame promised by Amazon so I couldn't do anything with it anyway. The instruction manual looks nice though. I also received some Event TR5 monitor speakers for music production stuff. For the moment though they're doing a fine job of being a part of my improvised stereo system until I actually have the equipment/skills to use them for their intended purpose.

I'm currently being hassled by Avis reminding me that I've been here for 50 days and they still haven't received my driver's license details. I only *just* received my social security number. Well, considering it took a while to have me entered into the system for some reason (approx. 3.5 weeks) and then processing delays (it took 3 weeks for me to get my SSN - we had something called hurricanes?) that brings me up to about this date. I've got a booking for a license test this Tuesday anyway. Cool, I'll have a Florida driver's license (assuming I pass the test :-)

Now to the title of this post, I think I fried my network card in my computer on the weekend. Maybe I was downloading too much stuff? They probably don't like the fact that I'd have around 5 Gigs of virtual instruments on the download queue. Whatever the case, I'm going to find it a bit harder to update this site until I figure out what the heck's gone on. Actually, that's a big fat lie. The more furiously I work the more often I update the blog because I actually *need* to take a break. So now you'll know if I'm working hard or not...

I'm also thinking of getting some home contents insurance over here, I've got a lot of $$$ invested in the stuff I've bought over here already. I'd be a broken, dribbling mess if I lost that.

Oh, I won't be answering any phone call or replying to any SMS to my Aussie number until I get back from the US. The reason? I went a bit crazy calling people when I first got over here, knowing that it would cost me a lot but making the calls anyway. Now I have a very expensive phone bill from the Telstra bloodsuckers. I should have grabbed one of the fairly cheap phone cards over here to make my calls... stupid me.

Nerdy site of the day: http://www.physorg.com/

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