22 September 2004

American media is pathetic - a rant

This has been really, really bothering me lately. I am getting sooooo pissed off with the two completely and utterly different worlds that exist in America. I believe that the American media can be given a huge pat on the back for most of this. I thought Australia was getting a little bad, but over here it's ridiculous.

I cannot believe how censored the media is over here. Every swear word, no matter how tame it is, is "beeped" out. I watch a few shows on the comedy channel where the sound channel is nearly a constant "beeeeeeep". There is no blood shown of incidents for where there should be lots of blood. They're very careful not to show that because that would indicate, heaven forbid, that someone could have died. Most importantly, no-one seems to be pointing out enough that Iraq never had any weapons of mass destruction... which is the whole reason why innocent civilians and Americans over in Iraq are getting killed right now, isn't it? Where is the media asking the hard questions to get the people thinking? Why has president Bush got such a high approval rating at the moment (47%)? Are these people who make up the 47% doing their research? Are they really analysing why Iraq was invaded? They were lied to!!! The Bush administration itself says they were "misinformed" (or so they would like us to believe). That's a big f%$ken cock-up. Now they've got a hell of a mess to clean up. But take a step back and look at the situation: they went and invaded another country WITHOUT APPROVAL FROM THE UN. These people in Iraq didn't pose a threat to them. North Korea poses more of a threat by saying "look here - we have nuclear weapons!" but they're silently ignored. American has killed thousands and thousands of innocent people in Iraq and they've gotten themselves killed in the process. Do the people back in America realise this? Do they really believe that by being in America they're doing the right thing? Do they really believe the bullshit that Bush is saying? Sure, some would believe that ousting Saddam Hussein was a good thing. Was it America's right to go and do that? They have replaced him with a US puppet. A lot of people are pissed off because these Americans have come and invaded Iraq, because they don't believe America's reasons either and they want the US to get the f*$# out of their country. Howard decided to support the US because they're big and powerful and if in the future Indonesia or someone opposed to us decided to attack Australia then we could say "hey we helped you in Iraq, remember? ... help us". Oh, and then there is that free trade agreement thingo too. It's just a big game of chess.

So where does this 47% approval rating come from? I think it's partly because Kerry doesn't seem like the best alternative either. I wish there was an Al Gore there or another Clinton. Kerry seems smart - but anyone would be against Bush. Kerry seems to lack a really big spine. I dunno - I get a feeling that if there was someone like Clinton going for President then the 47% would be a lot, lot lower. I think the general feeling over here is that most people are opposed to Bush, but they're not too fanciful of Kerry either, so they say "well, maybe Bush will realise his mistakes and make some changes..." yeah, right. Don't give a nitwit like that another chance to f$^k up the world for another four years. People don't generally perceive you as being that great anymore, America.

Which gets me back to the point of media censorship. Continually there is news that people are getting killed by some terrorist. There is news that more Americans are getting killed over in Iraq. Well, all that translates to over here is a concerned looking news presenter with censored images playing in the background. SHOW THE REALITY! People die from this sort of stuff! If people see what is really happening - pictures of corpses, limbs, everything, they're going to make more informed decisions because they've been given a dose of reality. They're going to think "gee, war is a really bad thing. It should probably only be used as a very last resort" NO FRICKEN DA! The war in Iraq was not America's business. It is the business of GREED. America made the middle east their business, so some extremists made America their business.

I dunno, I'm pretty fired up about a lot of stuff here. It's my blog, my opinion, but I just had to get it out there. I'm getting so frustrated that not enough information is getting out to the general people, and it's the media who should be doing that. Everything seems so corrupt. Everything IS so corrupt.

I HOPE people choose Kerry for president. He's not the most enticing candidate but he's the only one who isn't Bush. Bush and his administration are very, very dangerous people. America should realise this.

Down here in south Florida there are a lot of rappers who are trying to get this exact point out. They are trying to get people to "slam bush" and are having anti-bush demonstrations and urging people to vote, and vote against Bush (as far as I've heard, it's all anti-Bush). There is a debate coming to Miami University between Kerry and Bush at the end of this month. I'd love to try and get to see that... we'll see.

signing off for now. I'm tired.

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Nav said...

Right on PK,

Some suggested reading:
Colossus: the Rise and Fall of the American Empire
Niall Ferguson

Explains why American Foreign Policy is the way it is. Its scary stuff.