12 August 2004

Fort Lauderdale - Part II

Fort Lauderdale - the return. This time around I spent a bit more time actually walking around and enjoying the sights rather than trying to find some place at some address that was completely wrong. I had lunch at some European cafe and they actually had a pretty decent margarita pizza (or margharita - I see it spelt every possible way under the sun) - booya! I didn't think I was going to be able to eat all of it, but my stomach thought otherwise. There was also a pretty good jazz band playing next door that provided a nice backdrop. The cars going past this place were all class - BMW, Mercedes, Jaguar, Porsche, Corvettes, and nothing like the equivalent of a Commondore or Falcoon.

Next we headed down to the beach. I didn't bring any real swimming clothes with me but gosh darnit I wish I had! The water was so darn warm and I so just wanted to go for a swim. I'll save that for this weekend, maybe. There are supposed to be hurricane warnings in effect which should be pretty fun (don't worry Mum, I ain't going to be going outdoors if there is a bleedin' hurricane outside my door!) Anyway, after that we headed to a series of places all overlooking the beach. I was drinking lots and lots at each one. Luckily I didn't drive so I drank some more. Eventually we got some food from the Hooters restaurant. Yeah, they actually had some pretty good food there - and a pretty good view of the beach among other things. I'll have to take some pictures from up there so you can see what I'm talking about. I had some chicken strips that came with chili that could be either mild, hot, very hot, or 911. Can you guess which one I chose? After putting out the fire in my mouth (this time with something that wasn't beer) I asked the waitress for a picture of her with my friend with the black eye from Friday night. I told her he had a pretty rough weekend and getting a picture with her would make his day. I'll post it up once he scans it for me :-)

After that I headed to the theatres to watch Collateral, the new Tom Cruise movie. I'm still a bit undecided whether I liked it or not. Watching my first movie in the US seemed... weird, and the movie had a completely different feeling to it. Maybe that was because Cruise boy is the bad guy. I had one problem with a scence in a danceclub where people were getting shot left, right and centre. It took a little while for people to clear out of the club - I know I'd be heading out of there pronto rather than running back and forth trying to steal more camera time. I ended up getting home around 1am. This again probably adds more weight as to why I've been so buggered this week (apart from pulling 12 hour work days... yeah, I'm a wuss, I know)


Anonymous said...

Glad to see you're 'acclimatising' to the 'American' culture - a Hooters restaurant followed by a violent film involving shooting people. Fantastic! :)

PK said...

You bloody betcha!