11 August 2004

Roundup - it's more than just a herbicide

This entry is coming in late - mostly because I've been busy as heck at work and I'm just plain buggered.

I spent most of Saturday recovering from the previous night since I only ended up getting home at 4:30am or something like that. Saturday night I didn't have anything planned - but that didn't particularly worry me at 2pm in the afternoon. At 8pm however, I was starting to get worried so I called Chet the player to see what he was up to. He was at this place called "Roundup" - a country themed bar out west of where I live. I was told there were lots of guys wearing cowboy hats but hey, I wanted to meet some new people so I didn't really hesitate. Chet the player hadn't been there before either so it was all new for him too.

I rocked up to this place, had the security guard scrutinize my license details for ages and then a grin started to form on his face. I rewarded him with a "thanks mate" and moved inside. Whoa! I wasn't really prepared for what I saw. There were lots of guys in cowboy hats but even more - there were dozens of people line dancing. Sheesh, they weren't joking about it being a country bar! Some of the people had the biggest belt buckles in the west I reckon. I could see Chet and his friends right from where I walked in so I headed over to where they were, pronto.

Chet the player started chatting to some girls who I later found were from Miami - this was also their first time in a country bar, so we all had some common ground there. One of them had taken a keen interest in country music and was telling me the names of a lot of the songs. I sorta found this a bit weird since she was very South American looking, and South American and Country music just don't go together. Anyways, I have to admit I did participate in some of the line dancing routines and, surprisingly, I had a ball! It was the most fun I've had in ages - I didn't think synchronised dancing could be so fun! I am seriously contemplating at this stage in doing the line dancing lessons on Thursday nights from 7-9pm. Hehe.

So anyways, the girls we met up with promised me a tour around Miami - they were probably under the influence of too many Bud Lights though so we'll see about that :-)

Speaking of Bud Light, the 'light' doesn't mean low alcohol content - just low carbs (everything over here is "low carbs this" and "low carbs that"). The alcohol content isn't anywhere on the bottles so you have to guess at how many standard drinks you've had. The Bud Light commercials at http://www.budlight.com/index_flash.html are pretty funny but.

So after Roundup I headed back to Chet's place to meet up with the rest of his group. He had Hootie and the Blowfish's album on repeat for 3 hours or so. I ended up drinking some really bad red wine, crashing on the couch and falling sleep at around 4am. Is anyone getting an idea of why I'm so tired this week?

Soon enough I'll write something about Sunday - which involved more of Fort Lauderdale, Bud Light, and Hooters.

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