31 August 2004

Key West

Was fantastic, well for the most part anyway. Saturday night was an absolute blinder and I'm still trying to figure out what went on there. Luckily I was with a group of friends the whole time and they took good care of me.

We headed off to Key West at about 7am in the morning. Our first stop was for a canoeing trip and then snorkelling. The canoeing trip lasted for about an hour and was heaps relaxing. I must point out that from Key Largo to Key West there are no natural beaches. It's all mangroves, so that's what we were canoeing through.

Next we went on the snorkelling trip located about 5 miles off the coast . I haven't been snorkelling before and I had an absolutely fantastic time. The people who had snorkelled before said it was one of the best trips they'd been on, mainly because I spotted one of these guys:

He's a Hawksbill Turtle, and it was absolutely amazing to follow one of them around watching them eat. Apart from the turtle, I saw lots of different types of fish and coral. It was all very, very cool.

We had lunch and a couple of pina coladas and then decided we'd better get moving to Key West. We arrived at about an hour before sundown and decided to have a few more drinks. I had a couple of mudslides (I literally nearly sculled them) and because we were running late we had to get down to the main strip to see all the Key West freaks come out. We got there just after sundown and saw a lot of freakshows. Guys shoving swords down their mouths, other people getting out of straightjackets whilst dangling upside down, people jumping through hoops - it was all there.

After the initial perusal we headed back to the hotel to get changed for going out. I noticed a catwalk setup and I thought to myself "Hmmm... have to check out the people walking on that later..." Well, I did check out that catwalk later on and there was a swimsuit competition on. The models were later chucking shirts out to everyone and I was wildly jumping up and down at one stage trying to get one model's attention. She threw a shirt straight to me. Booya.

We also checked out a 'clothing optional' bar. C'mon people, it's one of the things you just have to do. I started talking to a few people up there. Oh, they were all clothed and pretty damn normal. I didn't see many people who weren't clothed actually. I don't have any pictures by the way ;-)

I can't really remember what happened next, the rest of the night was a blur. I did wake up in our hotel room however in one piece. Take note people - if you're going to go out to Key West, make sure you go out with a good bunch of people like I did. Things could get pretty bad otherwise.

We ended up having to head back home immediately because some of our group had to catch flights from Miami and Palm Beach. We never got one of the people onto the Palm Beach flight. Not to worry - we went back along the coast to Delray Beach. I saw some of the most impressive houses I've ever seen in my life. My god! We found a sports bar where I had some much needed pork ribs and then we all chilled out on Delray Beach. I've got some good photos from that - it was an absolutely fantastic night.

Anyways, I've just done some housekeeping stuff. I cleaned up the blog entry about the Ebay scam a little bit - it should make a lot more sense now. I've also edited some of the entries in my webshot account. I found the name of that little charger of a bird whose name I forgot. Oh, and photos from Miami's South Beach are here.


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