04 August 2004

I need to learn Spanish

Especially if I want to spend a couple of days in Miami, I've been informed. Ok, so learning Spanish is probably not essential, but it would probably help to know a bit more than just "Yo quiero taco bell".

I met a guy today who works here, Omar, who is in a band called "Santos Renuentes". If you go to their website you'll see pics of the whole band. I've listened to a couple of their tracks and it really can be best described as Spanish alternative rock. There are a couple of links to their tracks on their website, and it sounds like really cool stuff. Apart from being the bass player of the band, Omar does the mixing too. That then got us to discussing all things Reason, Cubase, Logic and VST plugins. He is also involved in a trip-hop band (think music that sounds like Morcheeba). Actually, I just had a quick look at the Morcheeba site - they actually mention the Adelaide show that got cancelled just over a year ago. This is what they had to say:

Morcheeba would like to apologise for having to cancel their show in Adelaide on the 12th April. All other shows are 100% confirmed. They look forward to seeing you all there.

"Much apologies to those in Adelaide for the cancelled show. We hope to be back as we LOVE it there." Ross Godfrey

Well, that's just weird. I've still got the four tickets that myself and a few other slightly disappointed fans had for the night.

Anyways, I'm going to see if I can make it to the Santos Renuentes performance at Tobacco Road in Miami next week. Here's hoping :-)

One thing I'm missing the most is my guitar. I really, really hope it arrives soon - I've got a funny feeling that it may have arrived today, hopefully with the rest of my luggage. That also reminds me that I have a list of things to buy whilst I'm over here:

Kawai ES-3 Digital Piano
Nikon D-70 Digital SLR camera
iPod 40GB rev 4

I think after purchasing all that I'll be pretty satisfied.

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Matt Fettke said...

Sounds like you're settling in quite well (what else did we expect?). I have to say that Omar has pretty good taste too :). I've never heard of Tobacco Road, but it looks as cool as shit on their website.

I'm surprised to see that you didn't have some rollerskates on your shopping list. What, aren't you heading to the beach??? Oh, that's what the Nikon's for... :).