18 August 2004

That was another big weekend...

I was waiting on some pictures from somebody else's camera before writing this update, but due to technical difficulties, that'll have to wait!

Friday night I didn't have anything planned. I was sitting home, absolutely buggered from the week and I nearly went to bed. Note that I said nearly. There is a switch in my brain that comes into effect on the start of the weekend. It says "Don't stay home on a Friday or Saturday night by yourself you friggin loser or I'll give you nightmares and make your sleep general hell". I payed heed to that switch, so I called up some friends and met them at Delray Beach. It's half-way to Palm Beach and I found it was a pretty nice place to go to. Beers were a flowing everywhere when I arrived at the pub, so I joined in. A couple of hours later we moved on to somewhere else and I had a couple of Jagermeisters. That's because they didn't have any Absinthe (it's prohibited) or Chartreuse. So after all that I couldn't drive anywhere and I had to get a lift back to my apartment, which was ok since the people I was out with were staying in a hotel not far from me. The problem is I had parked my car next to the beach in a pay-zone, and I was worried I would get a fine the next day...

Anyhow, I got a lift to Delray Beach and arrived early afternoon - thank God I didn't get a ticket! We then drove to Ft Lauderdale and continued on to South Beach in Miami. In a few words, I had a friggen awesome time there! We went for a bit of a swim and then went to the Clevelander. Uh, that place was out of this world. You can look around their website and, uh, see what I mean. I got some good pictures too! I'll update my webshots account with those asap. The pork rib meal there is excellent. It was commented that I had a smile on my face the whole time - actually, I've got that smile cranking again as I think back on it :-) We headed home at about 8pm or so.

That switch was on in my head again so I met up with some other friends for line dancing at Roundup. I don't know any line dancing moves but when the more conventional nightclub music starts I'm out on the dancefloor in a flash. Roundup is where I met the guy who wanted me to try out for the reality show. His girlfriend also gave me her business card - she's a massage therapist and offered me a discount. Sweeeeet!

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