06 August 2004

There are some crazy-ass drivers over here

I thought Adelaide drivers were supposed to be bad! Things I've noticed:
  1. The indicator is just a novelty item and rarely gets used.
  2. If a person driving in an adjacent lane notices that their vehicle will fit in the gap between you and the car in front of you, then they'll take that gap. Refer to (1).
  3. There is no such thing as a safe distance between cars. If you can count "1001, 1002" you're too far away from the car in front of you. Refer to (2).
  4. Don't expect anyone to safely let you in even if you have your indicator on. You'll have to barge your way in. Refer to (2)
  5. Stop signs are red and octagon shaped. That's about all people notice about them though.
Then there are some other things I've noticed - like the number of crashes between my residence and work (a 5 minute drive). I've seen the result of three crashes so far, and the one this morning was a doozie. It looked like an SUV had rolled a couple of times and was lying on its side - and that was in a 45mph zone!

Also, the location of places is given as the intersection of streets, not actual street numbers. This is probably better than using street numbers as you rarely see street numbers anywhere.

I nearly made a fool of myself on my first day of driving because I was going to tell someone their brake lights weren't working properly. Then I realised a lot of cars had the same problem. Then I realised the brake lights over here doubled as indicator lights in a lot of car models. But then again, I dont' see this very often - refer to (1) above.

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