03 August 2004

Second "work day"

It's funny how some things just don't happen sometimes. Even though there were lots of delays in getting to the US, there still isn't a computer ready for me and I've had to use another computer whose owner is currently on holidays. Of course, this computer doesn't have any of the tools I need to do my work, but oh well.

I had lunch today with some American guys plus a couple of Aussie blokes at pizza place. The waitress we had was pretty darn friendly, and the service was so good I could see why the American guys always went there (no, this wasn't a topless pizza place in case you were wondering). Everyone was ordering pizzas with toppings I haven't really seen before, for example, pizzas with sausages on top (and I mean full sausages just laying on the pizza base. WTF?) One of my Aussie workmates tried ordering a ham and pineapple pizza but they didn't have any pineapple. I went for my normal Margarita - except the waitress didn't know what a Margarita pizza was. I told her tomatoes with basil on top. The American guys sitting with us looked at me a bit weirdly, although I must say that one guy there knew what I was on about. I got back a pizza that had ham and basil instead. The waitress said "that's not what you ordered, is it?" I shook my head and she got me another one, this time with the correct toppings. I ate both of them anyway, and it only ended up costing me a few bucks (I had 2 large cokes as well).

Next the American guys started talking about what was concerning them in the world. First there was the issue of many devices being "melded" into a single device. Consider the mobile phone for example - once only used as a communications device it can now be used as a PDA and pretty soon it will be your music device as well. What happens to the companies that used to produce the other products? I guess the most limiting factor with mobile phones is their small screen size. In the future there will probably be some technology that enables the "screen" to be beamed directly to the brain anyway, so you won't actually need a screen at all. Hmmm...

The other thing the guys talked about was the rising superpower China, whose economy is absolutely skyrocketing. They were concerned that with Chinese people now starting to buy and use cars more that the world's oil reserves would be even more punished. Add to that the technological capabilities that China may develop over the US in the future. I would expect the US Government would be seeking to make some treaties with China in the near future... this may have started already, I don't really know. I haven't done any research on it yet.

I really hope the rest of my stuff arrived today. This included my guitar and my computer which has all my music on it. I learned that my apartment has a cable internet connection. Booya!


Anonymous said...

Hi Kristian, Love you, take care. Talk to you soon, Love Mum, Dad and your lil' Bro

Anonymous said...

Hey Kristian,
Just read some of your stories. They are very interesting, keep it up, we are all reading them! You have to go and see a professinal baseball game while of in the USA......I would be so jealous!
Dave Jucha

PK said...

Believe me, watching professional Baseball is *definitely* on the list of things-to-do :-) Then there's basketball, ice-hockey (yep, Florida does have an ice hockey team, and I think they're number one!), gridiron... the list goes on and on and on. How am I going to fit this all in???