18 August 2004

I've still no guitar

and none of my music, and no computer, and 1/2 of my clothes. It was actually a blind, dumb-arse mistake of mine to put my music CDs in the wrong suitcase, but oh well. Originally though my air shipment was supposed to arrive a few days after I did (it is an air shipment after all) so I wasn't really that worried. However, that isn't the case as I've been here for nearly 2 1/2 weeks and I ain't seen anything yet. Yeah, whinge whinge whinge, I know :-) Supposedly it's in customs at Miami airport still... those buggers are playing my guitar (good luck it's left-handed), wearing my clothes (good luck that's mostly my winter stuff) and listening to my CDs (yeah, um, good luck).

There are some album releases I am waiting on that may tide me over if my stuff never arrives. One of them is Way out West's "Don't look now". There is a little article here. I've been listening to some of their songs using Distinctive Records' streamer. I'm also waiting on some more CDs I ordered through Amazon, namely an earlier CD of Way out West's and the new album by Brit group Keane.

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