14 October 2004

Cool stuff

I see that the new Motorola Razor V3 (or for more info look here) is coming out very very soon and god dammit, I'm getting one. I've been reading a few forums and lots of people are complaining that it's too expensive and they're not going to buy it and Motorola made a bad business decision in pricing it the way they have. Note to those people who are complaining: YOU DON'T HAVE TO BUY IT! If you can't or don't want to afford it then don't get it! I think it's quite obvious which market segment Motorola is targeting this phone at, and whatever certain people would like to say about would be purchasers of this phone brings a big care factor zero from me :-)

Onto something which is nearly as cool, the Google Desktop search utility. I'm a big Google fanboy and I've been making use of this utility all day today. It's super quick and super useful. I suggest you download it and open your computer up to the wonderful world of Google search. Note that this program is only in beta, but that means that it should only get better as they add more features.

Ok, back to work for me peeps. check-ya.

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