12 October 2004

What an uninspiring day

It's one of those days where sticking a needle in your eye would almost be more entertaining. I obviously didn't get enough sleep last night so I'm in a super-fantastic sarcastic mood. I've actually discovered a few things about myself and others while I've been over here:

1) I really can't relate to full-on nerds all that well. They really don't like going out and partying, and they probably believe beer should only be consumed while participating in a LAN party. I only consider myself a *partial* nerd, and really, I only make nerdy comments "for a laugh". Honest.

2) Some people should smile more often. I don't mean smiling permanently, coz that probably shows some sign of dementia, but when you're walking past someone in a corridor and you know them just try smiling for crying out loud. Unless of course you've walked past them 10 times already today, in which case it's ok to make it look like you just got a phonecall or are checking your messages and you didn't happen to see them walking past.

3) I really really hate walking around public places by myself. It's ok if you're by yourself and you want to go to the sea or a forest something and find your moment of zen (I guess that's not really public anyway), or if you're going to meet someone, but generally I find it uncomfortable. Unless I'm listening to music on my iPod of course.

4) I can't really go out to the tourist spots by myself anymore. I nearly feel like I'm a local now and the tourist feeling I had at the start where I could go anywhere by myself has worn off (as per point 3). For some reason I'm no longer aware that I have an Australian accent so I'm sort of surprised when people say "ooh, where are you from?"

Hmmm, well, I gotta go and do some work now. Freaking Avis are bothering me again regarding my Floridian license. I wish they'd just leave me the hell alone! There's nothing else I can do at the moment...

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