10 October 2004

The seesaw

It really has been a seesaw while I've been over here. I've had some extremely high highs but some really low lows. If you've been reading this blog you'll know what some of them are. Whenever something good seems to happen something bad will happen just to even things out. I actually found some people who liked going out - much unlike a lot of the other people I've met here. I was so glad to meet some other people my age who were like this. A lot of other people at work are either married or in a steady relationship or just plain uninterested in going out. So Friday night was a really good night because I went out with some of the party people from work. Today I was planning on going to Key Biscayne for a swim and to get some pics because I really liked it last time I was there. There is a spot where I could get a really good shot of Miami at night. Anyway, I left at lunchtime today and I had to go fill up with fuel. I got to the bowser and couldn't find my credit card. It wasn't in my wallet anywhere. Ok, maybe it's somewhere in my car. Nope, not there either. I found this really curious because I don't carry my credit card around without it being in my wallet. I spent the whole afternoon looking for it and I can't find it anywhere. This is really bloody weird and also highly inconvenient. So, the seesaw strikes again - good Friday night but that's been overshadowed by losing this card. Bloody hell...

So I strummed my guitar a bit to get myself out of the mood I was in and I broke two strings. Well, I have a few books to read now so maybe I should go do that :-)

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