17 October 2004

Lucky I like driving

Coz I drove nearly 800km today. The trip to St Petersburg was FANTASTIC. It's amazing how each town has it's own feel to it. The Salvador Dali museum of course was the highlight. I'll definitely be making a trip back there when the new exhibits roll in. After checking out some art I went to St Pete Beach to get an awesome view of a sunset over the gulf of Mexico (whilst drinking a Corona, of course :)

I had to laugh at myself on the way back home. I was getting a really cramped foot from pressing the accelerator all the time. Then some other part of my brain came up and said "dude, you've got cruise control". Shiiiiiiiit. Well, at least for the last 300km I could give my foot a rest.

I was supposed to go out to South Beach tonight. Of course, because I'm currently writing up my blog you can guess I didn't make it. The person whose contact number I had, well his phone wasn't working properly. So, he only just got back to me then. Given the fact that it's going to take me well over an hour to get to South Beach it just ain't worth it. Oh hold on, the guy said he was out with 4 girls. WTF am I doing??? Actually, the girls he was with said they couldn't guarantee they be able to get anyone else in (very exclusive club apparently) so that made it not worth the effort (or so he said... is he keeping them all to himself?? Why that selfish...). If I'd met up with them earlier in the night things may have been different. If only I'd driven home faster. Stupid wanky clubs that I always want to go to. End story is that I still haven't been to South Beach for a night out. That's pretty crap.

ANYWAY enough bitching, here are some pics from today's adventure.
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