04 October 2004

My dream job

If you're like me you'll be plodding along in your current job but in the back of your mind you're always wondering what it is you're going to do next, coz you sure as hell don't want to do this for the rest of your life. I was thinking about this today and I was reading my latest computer music mag (instead of doing work - I sent out an e-mail that will get me an hour of free time at least) and there was an article about a guy who wrote the music for the PC game "Far Cry". While I was reading it I thought "Eureka! That's it!". I have always loved music in computer games, even from the tinny, bass lacking sounds of the original NES. I remember I've been in conversations with people talking about such and such a game and I'd mention something about the music in that game being good or bad, but I mostly get raised eyebrows from them. I can remember feeling pretty disappointed if a game had bad music. In fact, the music is what I remember the most about any game I've ever played.

I think this is what I'm going to aim for. I've freaked some of my friends out when I play them music from an old game that's been redone. I love it, but they just look at me weird. When a game has little or no music I'll play my own music to listen to while gaming. Have you ever tried playing Carmageddon to Mozart? It's sounds pretty weird, but it's strangely satisfying. Err, I don't think I'd go to that extreme if were to compose music though...

I think I've found the perfect combination of electronics, music, programming and games. To my highschool music teacher, Mrs Bond, I should have listened to you 10 years ago. Sorry it took that long.

EDIT: Ok, when I wrote this post, I'd just had a very strong cup of coffee on a fairly empty stomach. That's probably the equivalent of drinking a litre or so of straight red cordial, just to put things in perspective. I've come down from the clouds a bit since that original post... but gosh darn, that'd be an ok job.

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