08 October 2004

How to dress like a nerd in Florida

and you don't even need a pocket protector. These notes are taken from my observations here at work.

1) Wear sporty sneakers. The whiter the better. Sneakers like Asics Gels will do fine.

2) Wear a pair of denim jeans. The lighter blue the better. Basically whatever your mother bought you for last Christmas from the bargin bin will do.

3) Wear a belt. This will not coordinate with your sneakers at all of course, so it can't be white. This basically leaves you with brown or black. It can be pink if you want to suggest something.

4) Have a mobile phone with a clip-on holster to attach to your belt. If you don't, you'll miss the call that no-one ever made to you.

5) Wear a collared short-sleeved shirt. Any colour will do. It is preferable that the colour of the collar will contrast with the rest of the shirt. For example, if the shirt is dark green the collar will be navy blue. It is VITALLY IMPORTANT that this shirt be tucked into your jeans. If it is not, you'll instantly lose your nerd cool status. Plus, you'll fumble around trying to find your mobile phone to answer the call that no-one ever made to you.

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