08 October 2004

Koenigsegg is coming to Oz!

Firstly, props go to Frosty at http://tvrfreak.blogspot.com for alerting me to this. This is way cool. I've always looooved the Koenigsegg and I non-stop dribble about it. It's always been the desktop wallpaper of choice for my computer, and OMG, it's coming to Oztralia. I wish I could go see it at the Australia International Motor Show. If you live in Sydney or are even planning to go there for this, please go and appreciate this awesome supercar for me.

(ps - Nav, that means I expect you to go and take some pictures of this car and all the other cool cars that will be there, but especially this car).

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Nav said...

Your going to be peeved dude because i didn't actually get a photo of the Koenigsegg. I was too peroccupied with the 6" blonde that was handing out pamphlets. I've got a photo of her though :) ...and the Joss supercar and the Pagini Zonda..