18 December 2004

Christmas gifts

I'm going to a Christmas party tonight and I'm trying to decide what to buy for a secret Santa gift for a woman who has a good sense of humour and a couple of kids. Three options are currently buzzing around in my head:

1) America: The Book

2) Heidi Klum's Body of Knowledge: 8 rules of model behaviour

3) "Has Been", by William Shatner

The Heidi Klum book is just up there for a laugh. I could just imagine a mother wanting to take life advice from a model.

I was thinking with the William Shatner CD that she may have had the hots for Shatner when she was younger. I dunno. Good for a laugh anyway. I know if anyone bought me that CD I'd be stoked (that's the well suppressed Star Trek fan part of me writing that). Plus, Ben Folds helped produce the CD so quality lingers.

I think I'm going to settle for "America: The book", just because I know it's damn good and I think it's a good gift for an American. If she hasn't already got the book it should go down well.

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