03 December 2004

The mind of a player

I've mentioned "the player" on this site before, and through discussions I've had with him recently we may as well be from different universes. First a background profile on "the player". He got divorced about a year ago after a 7 year marriage. He has 2 kids, aged 5 and 7 years old. He's in his early 30s.

"The player" for the past year has constantly dated women. He has a problem with being alone (as in, not dating) for more than 2 weeks at a time. He has no problem with dating more than one woman at a time, but he will will be honest with his date and tell them he is dating another woman if they ask (and if that is the case). His thoughts on dating are that it's ok to date more than one girl at once, so long as you are honest with them. Furthermore, he says his time is mostly spent on thinking about dating women, and he is completely and utterly absorbed in experimenting with chatting up women and finding that recipe of words that will make them his. He seems pretty confident that he's nailed most of that, and seems certain that for any given night he will pick some girl up. He also has no fear of being rejected, which would obviously help.

I know for certain I'm not that sort of person, but heck I'm going to try and find out what makes the mind of a person like "the player" tick. And I have other questions, the girls who date guys like this - why do they do it? Do they suffer from the same fear of being alone as "the player" does? Do they care/know that they in for a quick and dirty releationship that probably (and evidence has shown) won't last for more than a few weeks? Does it help prop up their self esteem that some guy is cracking onto them?

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