13 December 2004

Lincoln Mall

This mall is one of the most awesome malls I've ever been to. It's the premier mall in South Beach and it's as pretentious as hell. Everyone there looks and walks like a model. I'd probably be looking like a kid in a candy store or something like it coz there are just so many good things to look at. The girls are absolutely stunning! Hehe.

Everyone is always talking to someone on their mobile phones because they like to appear just so damn busy and important. When I went last week for my birthday I saw one girl walking around for about 1/2 hour with her mobile phone to her ear constantly. She didn't say a damn thing the whole time. It seems either a way of her avoiding being spoken to or a way of feeling important. Maybe I should set up a phone line that people can call and have some automated service dribble $hit to them (and not your typical phone sex service, that'd be just too plain expensive and, I'm assuming, not required for the ladies?) just so they feel important. Maybe I've already been beaten to that actually. Hmmm...

Dogs seem to be a fashion item. I don't know whether people are following Paris Hilton in that respect or what the deal is but I've never seen so many dogs in a mall. I saw some dogs dressed up as reindeer, some wearing a scarf, some dressed up as their owners, it's all pretty weird. I shall have to get some pictures.

It was pretty cold for Florida today with 19C being hit. I wasn't expecting to see so many scarves being worn though. It's like everyone should've been walking around in an esky. Not to be out done I bought myself a scarf plus some gloves and a couple of shirts and a beanie all for $85. Not bad I thought. Of course I'll be using these items when I go to the west coast coz I'll actually need them there.

One shop in Lincoln mall had me dumbfounded. I have quite literally never seen so much money in one store for items that were purely made for aesthetic purposes. I'm talking about sculptures. One sculpture had me nearly crying because it was so expensive. It was a 5 foot tall carving of a naked person made out of marble. It was worth (wait for it) US $495,000. You read that right. Half a million dollars. I seriously could not stop the tears from welling up in my eyes. Unfreakingbelievable. If I can, I shall try to get a picture of it.

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