13 December 2004

Slow motion day

It seems that today is one of those days that just seems to drag on forever. I've been trying to get motivated to do my work but so far that's taken nearly 7 hours to do. My body just feels like it's a ragdoll.

I went to see Santos Renuentes play last night at a place called Broadway in Aventura. They were awesome again. They have a new lead guitarist who's only 24 but he added a whole new dimension to their sound. It was a really, really good performance. I was talking to the band members commenting on how good they sounded afterwards and everyone seemed pretty pumped from the performance. They're hoping to get a record contract in the near future. Good luck guys!

I recently changed my diet a bit. No I'm not getting fat, not even with the American diet, but I just felt that cow's milk didn't do it for me anymore. So now I'm having soy milk on my cereal in the mornings instead. I'd say that I've been feeling a bit better generally, but I'm not sure if that's a false perception I've set up for myself.

I decided to change web browsers as well. Internet Explorer has not done it for me for a while now so I've been using something called Avant Browser which added tabbed browsing to IE. It was good for a while but I grew tired of it occasionally crashing. I've made the switch to Firefox and I'm so glad that I did. It's quick, hasn't crashed and there is a slew of plugins that can be used. I've added ones to show the weather, stock prices, google image previews, auto copy of text, and a Gmail mail present indicator. I find I need at least 6 tabs open at once when I'm trying to find solutions to problems. That's basically what I do actually. I am the solution guy. If there is a problem somewhere I program up a way to fix it. I wouldn't say I'm an ace engineer - far from it. I just know how to find stuff. Firefox makes my life easier :-)

God that was nerdy. I better sign off now before I do any more harm to my image!

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