10 December 2004

I... am... stuffed...

There are just so many things that are stuffing up at the moment. Things getting lost, things just not going to plan, it's hard keeping track of it all. I've been getting virtually no sleep in the past couple of weeks thanks in no small part to the air mattress I've been using at night. It's something I should have gotten rid of a long time ago because every time I move it makes a god awful rumbling plastic squealchy sound (Ed: pfft, nice explanation mate) that is freaking loud! I can't understand where all the sound comes from. Anyway, if I move during my sleep I'm woken up, guaranteed.

Ok, I dropped my parents off at Miami airport this morning after getting 2 hours of sleep. We got there at 6am and I ended up leaving the airport at around 8:30am. I got back to the short term car park and was wondering where the heck my parking ticket was. I couldn't find it so I ended up paying $25 for 2 hours of parking when I should have been paying $3.

What else? My brother lost his wallet yesterday. I only found this out because I went to collect my mail and they said "Do you know a Joshua Golding?" and I'm thinking "Shit... they found out I've been hiding my family in my apartment". Well, they've probably worked that out already but the fact of the matter was I was given a post-it note with the apartment number of the guy who had my brother's wallet, but they were only going to be there after 6 pm. Anyway, the apartment was empty, I don't know where that little slip that had the details has gone but I have to somehow find my brother's wallet now and send it back to Oz.

I've also gotten no work done this week. I've done absolutely nothing of value, but my stuff isn't high priority anymore so nobody cares. I'm thinking "you're paying for me to be over here... shouldn't you be trying to extract as much work out of me as possible?" I need some of those Mensa puzzles to keep me occupied.

Plus, organising this Christmas trip has been a pain but thank God most of it is out of the way. I couldn't believe how difficult it was to book flights over here. When I booked flights and trains for my family's trip to New York and Washington D.C. I had no problems whatsoever with using an Australian Visa, and these are those small el cheapo plane companies similar to Virgin Blue. However, and I can't believe this, I can't use my Australian Visa to book flights with either U.S. Airways or American Airlines. WTF!?!?!? That just has me scratching my head and is considerably inconvenient for a little Aussie like me. Anyway, it's forced me to open a bank account over here just so I can book those flights without bothering Americans for their credit cards, and as a bonus it allows me to buy the cheap stuff I want to buy off the net. Bah!

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