08 February 2005

Christmas/NY 2004 Part 4 - Yosemite

I can't put it into words how freaking amazing Yosemite national park was. It had some of the most beautiful scenery ever. Just absolutely amazing. I also experienced the coldest weather I've ever been in. We camped outside for 2 nights and the second night was just absolutely freezing. We're guessing it got down to about -1 or -2 degrees F, which translates to something like -16 degrees celcius. My sleeping bag was only rated to 0 degrees celcius, so... very bloody cold. Of course that was made up for by the fact that when I woke up after the second night of sleep I stepped out into snow. I'd never been in snow before. Absolutely awesome.

We saw Yosemite Falls, Mirror lake and a bunch of Giant Sequoia trees which were just truly huge.

Right now that's about 1/2 of the photos. My mate Timbo has the rest (including pics of Sequoia trees) but he's been a slack bastard in getting them to me (as I've been in getting my photos to him). When I do get them, I'll post them up ASAP.

I would have actually taken more photos myself but I encountered a limitation in SLR cameras. It was so bloody cold that the shutter froze shut and I couldn't take any more pictures. This was after trekking through snow a couple of feet deep in some places for about a mile to get to the trees. That's the only time I've been disappointed with my camera.

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