07 February 2005

South Beach - finally

*Finally* I went for a night out in South Beach. Only one word describes that night out: awesome. When you're kicking on to breakfast at 6:30am in the morning and making sure that a friend is ok as they've been getting sick in the toilet, you know you've had a good night. I *think* we ended up in a place called "Pearl". The name of the place was "Rumi". Check out the pictures of this place! They played some bloody good music but only towards the latter part of the night. It seems that the music has to be dumbed down a lot earlier on in the night to please the fickle part of the crowd (err, rethink that. It's South Beach. The fickle part of the crowd is the crowd) and they only play the non-commercial, actually good-to-listen-to stuff later.

The club's closing song was "no woman no cry" by Bob Marley so I grabbed someone's cigarette lighter and ended up walking down the stairs at the head of my group swaying the lighter from side to side. It kept on extinguishing and I ended up flicking the little steel drum out of the lighter somehow, and at some point I burnt my thumb although I only found that out the next day.

I crashed at Nina's place in South Beach which was about one or two streets away from the club. Her and my friend from work (she was my friend's cousin, and my friend is from my workplace) had another breakfast (at 3pm) at the Big Pink. I tell you what, the potato omelette they make there is bloody fantastic. That is completely neutralised by the fact however that they don't know how to make an iced coffee. And what is it with this cinnamon thing again? Why do they have to have it on everything???

Anyway, gotta get back to doing the thing I was sent over here for: work.


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