25 February 2005

A worse day... than yesterday?

I couldn't believe how bad today was. It was just absolutely, undoubtedly, the worst work day I've had over here in Florida. I swear to God I was nearly in tears when people were going through pointing out mistakes I had made in resolving merge conflicts, and why the program could not be built. Err, merge conflicts. Basically you have many people working on fixes/improvements to a program. Each person has their own separate work environment and eventually all the work done has to be brought together. That's where I stuffed up. We were hoping to release the version that had everyone's changes today, and I stuffed up. Yeah, good work K. My tech lead trusted that I could do the work in his absence, I thought I could do the work, but it was shown that I couldn't. I guess I'm being pretty hard on myself since I've never done this before - and it's not straightforward text source code files that I was merging either. For those who know, I was trying to resolve conflicts in Rational Rose Realtime code models. A nightmare. Incredibly complex, but hell, I thought I could do better. Oh the humanity!

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Nav said...

Don't be too hard on yourself mate. It happens to everyone...well not that specific problem but sometimes things just don't go right. I can't count the number of times I've been in similar situations.

What you need is a less ambitious, hard working lacky that you can blame for any mistakes that you make :)