21 February 2005

The problem with PK

When I first went into the doctor about a month ago my resting heart rate was 80. That was the bloody highest resting heart rate I've ever had I reckon. I weighed 179 pounds (approx 81 kg) which for being a tiny bit over 6 feet this placed me within the medically safe region. My blood pressure was in the normal region. I considered this bad because I normally have a low blood pressure.

This was all before I went on the extreme anti-PK regimen. Anti-PK meaning in this instance, anti-Phat Kristian. I went in again today and this time my resting heart rate was 60. Ahh, that's better. My blood pressure was now 110/80 (I think that's what she said). I now weighed 175 pounds, although who knows if I'd actually lost any weight because that was such a small difference.

But here is the clincher. Adding to my "Rock Star no more" post I had to laugh today when my doctor told me the results from my blood test last week. Her words were pretty much "You got to take liver test now! You drink too much! No more party!" I said "You're joking!" She said "No. No more South Beach for you!" She was smiling when she said this so I can only assume she meant that I could go, but just lay off the alcohol a bit. The funny thing is I haven't been drinking that much lately. Yeah, I've been staying out late, but not drinking that much. Hold on, what the hell am I saying? What about all those rum barrels? Hell... I guess the moral of the story is don't get any blood tests done. You'll only find out how much you've been abusing your liver.

Anyway, in line with my anti-PK regimen (which now actually means anti-Pissed Kristian as well) I'm going to cull the alcohol intake by a considerable margin. I don't really need beer goggles around South Beach anyway.

->> iPod update: somehow I've placed an "S Club 7" mp3 on my iPod and now I'm being forced to listen to it. I wonder how Rachel is going these days? Oh, great. Oh, hold on!

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