14 February 2005

Yay yay for Valentine's day

I just love this day of the year. Nothing screams out "sucked in for being single" more than today. Luckily around work with a bunch of nerdy engineers you don't notice anything different. Well, no, I might have noticed something different if I moved from my desk today. I stayed firmly planted in front of the computer screen blasting tunes away on my iPod. Nothing says "I love you" more than Rammstein screaming out "Bestrafe mich". Anyway, I actually feel sorry for the people in relationships who look forward to Valentine's day because they know they'll get roses/chocolates/hand made Teddy Bears. Because, you know, Feb 13th and Feb 15th aren't good enough days for that. If that's the only day they actually receive that sort of attention? Well... I pity them.

Hold on, I lied up there. I did leave my desk today. I had to go get some blood samples taken for my new doctor. Talk about pain - and I don't mean getting the needle stuck in my arm - but having to fast for a day beforehand. I eat, and I eat a lot, and when I don't eat I become extremely agitated. I think that's why I was so pissed off with Valentine's day this year 'round. Normally it doesn't affect me this much.

You know, here I am complaining about the finer things in life, Valentine's day and not eating food for a day and sometimes I forget about the people I support monthly through Oxfam and what sort of lives they may be living. You know what? I might just go give the money that I would have spent on Valentine's day (or any other day if I was not single) to Oxfam instead. That will make me feel much better.

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