21 February 2005

New stuff, great stuff

A change is in the wind. You know, I actually used to believe my mum when she said "Don't pull a face like that or the wind will change and you'll stay that way forever." Ahh the pure innocence. From that to being told by a doctor to stop drinking 20 years later. Nice.

The reason for this post is to alert you to a new sidebar I've created. This sidebar will be updated with the latest pictures that have been posted to my Flickr account. Yes, I'm about to ditch my Webshots account in favour of Flickr. Thats what you get, Webshots, when you're shit. Sure, the professional photographs are nice but hell. I've already found Flickr to be an order of magnitude better. Thanks though for the suggestions that people have as to what other options there are out there. Flickr won hands down for me though. So what I've uploaded are some pics from my visit to the Kennedy Space Centre. They aren't edited yet as I've just put them up there for the moment for a bit of testing. Album is here.

Well I'm off now to eat some icecream. It's supposed to be good for my liver.

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