18 February 2005

Rock star no more...

I have to say that for the past couple of weeks I have been living like a rock star would... well, sortof. There hasn't really been a night out where I've gotten home before 7am. Awesome. I had more of the same planned for this weekend until I woke up Thursday morning and noticed... a cold sore. I was left thinking "where the f$8k did that come from?" I can't remember the last time I had one. If anything it would have been in primary school I'm guessing. That's even if I actually have had one. I had to leave work early Thursday because I had a heck of a fever. Had my lifestyle finally caught up with me? Were the gods trying to strike me down? At any rate, there is no way I'm going out in public. Not at all. I'm not going to leave my apartment. I have enough supplies to last me until Monday at least. I've got a few books in storage to read so that will see me through ok.

I hope y'all have an awesome, excellent, totally bodacious and most triumphant weekend.

P.S. Don't know if many people have heard the song, but Rammstein's song "Mutter" has a part where the lead singer sounds like Timmy from South Park when he says "Mutter? Mutter?? Mutter! Mutter!!!". It's crack-a-licious.

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chica bonita said...

falling sick really sucks! i've been having diarrhoea for the past 3 days. food poisoning. i was lucky that the vomitting stops. so there goes my weekend, lying on the bed.

anyway, i hope you'll recover soon! take care :-)