20 February 2005

DnB Fort Lauderdale

It was a bit weird to hear that Traffic, the premier place for Drum and Bass in Adelaide, had closed its doors recently. The big memory I have from there is when I saw DJ Marky and Stamina MC play and that was simply *awesome*. However, that and maybe a couple of other performances aside, one thing I had against the place was that there was way, way too much cigarette smoke inside. I was constantly in search of some nice clean air or some decent ventilation. It sort of sucked like that.

Anyway I was out at Karma lounge here in Fort Lauderdale a couple of weeks ago on a Wednesday night which is when they play DnB. I snapped this pic of the name of their DnB night:

Any of you guys over in Oz (u no who u r) wanna come check out this Traffic? Free accommodation and transport * will be provided :-)

* By transport I don't mean the flight over, hehe.

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