24 February 2005

A depressing day

I've just arrived back from work. Let's see... nearly a 14 hour day. Not bad, not bad. It'd be a lot better though if I actually felt like I'd achieved something today. I wish I could just laugh at things when they get like this but I just don't have the energy to at the moment. I swear I was going flat out the whole day and then spent most of the night fixing problems arising from the day's work. I discovered a lot of the problems weren't mine - which is sort of a relief, but then it's also a pain in the ass because I'm the one who worked the overtime. Ahh well. At least I'm back in time to watch the Daily Show.

I'm also a bit depressed because I had psyched myself up over the past two days to make a very expensive but also very important purchase today. I had saved up enough money and today I was going to spend it all in one shot. That wasn't to be because of how busy I got. I can't do it tomorrow because I'll be busy again but I guess I'll get it done on Saturday. Because I thought I was going to make the purchase I was extremely happy this morning. Not so now, but hey I'll get over it.

Things are starting to warm up temperature wise over here in Florida. Maybe I'll see more people out and about? It's apparently too cold for the locals to go out at night over here. Wusses! Anyway, it like hasn't rained for the last 2 months. My car has been showing it too. I don't wash rental cars, but even so I was starting to get a bit embarrassed driving around in it. So I washed it last night. And today it rained. I can't believe it! Anyway, looks like we've got a stack of thunderstorms coming around which is all good coz I love thunderstorms.

There is talk that it may be another big hurricane season this year. The high pressure system that was sitting over the Atlantic and steering the hurricanes towards Florida hasn't moved, so they expect more of the same. Should be an interesting year!

Well, gotta go now. I've gotten sick of sitting in front of a computer today. Cheerio.

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