08 February 2005

Things that I need to work better

I think the most important is a phone conversation recorder, and I don't know why it isn't automatically built into the phone systems that corporate engineering companies (well, this one at least) use. When I'm having a technical discussion over the phone with my tech lead or something (and sometimes these conversations can go for over an hour, especially when a group discussion is going on) I always miss stacks of points. There are a couple of ways I know of to record what was said during the conversation: make notes while you're listening, or listen very hard and try to understand so no notes need be taken. If I'm doing the former I'll miss key points without realising it because I'm concentrating on getting down on paper the information in a form I'll understand later. If I'm doing the latter I'll just forget stuff. Why don't they give us a "record" button on the phone so I can play back the conversation later to see if I missed anything? Maybe there is stuff out there that can do this, but they don't supply it to us by default.

Secondly, I reckon we should all get a drawing tablet. This would be especially useful when doing a netmeeting with someone. You can't draw with a mouse, that's stupid. You can't do it quickly with Word, you end up with what looks like fat Lego blocks. We need a drawing tablet so we can draw diagrams etc. quickly and easily. Please!!!

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