20 February 2005

End to a great weekend!

If you classify not doing anything as being great, then yes, this weekend was great. I read some books, surfed the net, read some books, slept, listened to music, slept, read, slept, played some music, slept, read.

Ok, I sort of lie. Today I did venture outside because my face was looking relatively normal again. It just looked like I had a lipstick malfunction (I'd believe this too if I did actually wear lipstick. Not in this lifetime.) I played a game of Tennis today because it was too much of a nice day not to. I think Javi, who I played against, may have felt sorry for me as he let me win by a 6-0 6-1 6-1 margin :-p Thanks Javi!

I exhausted my supplies of OJ, milk, bread and cereal last night. Earlier today I still did not want to venture outside to be seen in the general public so I just drank water and ate whatever I could find.

God damn this is the most boring post ever! I feel bored just writing it. I guess I just had to update that I'm still alive and I survived my weekend of nothingness without too much pain.

P.S. I don't know if this happens to anyone else, but it's been happening to me recently. Something has toggled my doomsday switch. I'm imagining doomsday scenarios that just pop out of nowhere. I see planes flying in the sky and then my mind plays a doomsday scenario where the plane crashes where I'm standing. I think about astronomy and then my mind plays a doomsday scenario where an asteriod hits Florida. Weird stuff - and I think I just made this post not so boring anymore!

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